An open letter to Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

Dear Representative Weiner:

While I am not a constituent of yours, I have followed your career closely for many years. Up until today, I’ve always listed you as “one of the good ones.” You have a history of being a fighter, a political bomb thrower with a talent for both media and public relations. You could have been a star.

That is why I am so saddened by the news that you’re just another dumb ass in Congress.

I wanted to believe. It seemed plausible, if not likely, that someone was able to access your Yfrog account and send a picture of your underwear-clad genitals to a young woman in Seattle. You’ve made a bunch of enemies during your tenure in Congress. You can’t be a loud-mouthed liberal without bruising a few sensibilities.

You went on “The Rachel Maddow Show” and said you didn’t know what happened. Today, posted photos of you posing down, bare-chested, in the mirror. These were supposedly given to them by a young woman with whom you had an online fling.¬†Another woman in Nevada has come forward (sort of) with transcripts of you two exchanging erotically charged messages on Facebook.

I have to say it again: you’re a dumb ass.

For the moment, let’s set aside the fact that you’re married. For all we know, you and your wife have some form of an open relationship which allows for that sort of thing. You wouldn’t be the first. But when that first photo went public, you denied it and tried to cover it up.

As a politician, you have to know that the cover up is worse than the crime. Ask your friend President Clinton (who officiated your wedding). You played fast-and-loose with Twitter and it came back to bite you. We live in an age where embarrassing photos can not only be posted for the entire world to see (in some cases years after the fact), but they can be tagged with your name and linked to your profile. What were you thinking?

Then, when that first photo was made public, you lied. Posting a photo of your underwear isn’t a crime. Armani posted David Beckham photos in his underwear all over the world. But when it became public, you weaseled and lied and made an ass of yourself. Now you’ve got to apologize not just for your lack of judgement, but for your lack of character.

But even those first few panicked public statements would be forgivable, if not understandable. You did something stupid and public. But you’ve handed Andrew Breitbart a feather for his metaphorical cap. His credibility was at an all-time low after the Shirley Sherrod fiasco and now he’s going to be known as the one to expose you as a pervert and liar.

Dumb ass.

You called a press conference to admit your stupidity and there was freaking Brietbart taking the podium afterwards. Giving that lowlife a public forum is unforgivable.

I mean, how hard is it to just behave yourself and do your job?