Mike Reed

For several years, I was an account executive at a Nashville-based PR/advertising/marketing firm before moving to East Tennessee and the Appalachian wilds.

I’m also a husband, father of two and devotee of videogames, comic books and many other nerdly pursuits.

You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, all of which will have more bio information.

For ten years I wrote an online journal/blog called Man about Murfreesboro at mike.reed.org. This is the next step (some would say backwards).

Currently, I’m a freelance writer and creative director of Golden Delicious Apps.


2 thoughts on “Mike Reed

  1. Mike,

    I think this would be a timely and good column. Are you interested in getting it in the DNJ? I sent them a link to it to read it. Let me know what you think. … Tried to call but says your number has been disconnected.

  2. Hey Mike,

    It’s B.I.L. John. I’ve done the Couch-to-5K thing and it works if you don’t try to rush it. E-mail me and we’ll commiserate. Sorry, I don’t tweet or face.

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